About Us

PlayingisEducational.com is one of the leading retail suppliers for parents, children, teachers, and schools, of early childhood educational materials from some of the best manufacturers in the industry.

Within a child's first few years, a large part of their early learning occurs through playing.  So, we believe that it is critical to introduce educational toys, educational board games and even outdoor play structures, to a child during their early childhood development years.

These early childhood activities can provide them with a great foundation for their early childhood education.   

It is our hope at PlayingisEducational.com that every child, from a very early age on, can be exposed to learning in fun and exciting ways with the use of educational kid's games and toys. 

Finding the right educational toys is the key to raising an enthusiastic learner.  

That is why PlayingisEducational.com specializes in a wide variety of children's educational toys that are unique and pleasurable.  They will help develop the fundamental learning skills that infants, children, pre-teens, and kids of all ages need.  Our educational toys will make learning fun and enjoyable.

We will continue strive to be the very best provider of educational kid's games and toys to assist you in educating your children in a fun and pleasurable way.


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