Breckenridge Playhouse

Children love to imagine owning their own home and making the rules.

Do you remember your old tree house, fort, or hide-out area?  This was the one place where you could do imaginary active play activities, socialize with friends, or sit back in your quiet place and read a book.

Well, the Breckenridge Playhouse is a wonderful place for your children.  Let them play house, camp-out, or perform their own imaginary active play activities.

Wooden Outdoor Playhouse for Your Child’s Imaginative Play

It features:

 1) Factory-stained and sealed wood that is resistant to rot, decay, and insect damage.  No painting, staining, or roofing is required.

2) The window and door panes are made of polycarbonate and are completely functional.

3) The Breckenridge Playhouse also has a front porch area, a flower box, and gable exhaust vents that are screened.

This playhouse kit is panelized for quick assembly and comes with everything you need.

Your children will enjoy their Breckenridge Playhouse for years!

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