Fraud Warning from Gorilla Playsets!

Fraud Warning from Gorilla Playsets!

Dated: Sempember 28, 2010

We want to alert our Gorilla Dealers to an ongoing scam that involves the Craigslist web site.  This particular scam seems to be well-organized and is apparently operating out of the Ukraine.  Ads typically will advertise Gorilla Playsets although the names are often different yet similar to the names we’re currently using.  The ads use current photos of our units and appear to be copying details and features of the units, but the pricing is far below MAP as well as dealer cost.  Buyers who respond to these ads rather official looking responses requesting payment for the unit with payment requested by Green Dot Money Pak; a payment option we warn against on our web site.  These sites are up and running across the country.  On Craigslist Atlanta I was able to identify four fraudulent sellers and have emailed Craigslist advising them these ads are fraudulent and asking that they be taken down.  Similar sales have been posted on Craigslist for other cities and states.

As we had cautioned earlier, some of these fraudulent sellers are appropriating the names and contact information of legitimate Gorilla Dealers, while others are operating under different names.  Some are purporting to sell damaged or overstock items.  Gorilla Playsets does not operate in a manner that would result in overstock situations, so such advertising is clearly false.  In some instances we may have items that are sold locally but all advertising clearly states that we are the manufacturer.  As indicated previously, if you do not sell on Craigslist we would recommend you add a Consumer Alert to that effect on your web sites. ).   If you have other scams or frauds attempted on your business related to Gorilla Playsets please do let me know so we can alert other dealers to it.  And lastly, if you see an ad on Craigslist or other sites that appears to be fraudulent please flag and report it to the operator of that web site.   

Todd Frary, Customer Service Manager

800.882.0272 ext. 2201