Health Benefits of Play Parachute Games

With the use of parachute games, through cooperative group play, a play parachute will help build upper-body strengthening and muscle tone.  Parachute play also will help develop perceptual, cognitive, motor, social, and academic skills.Parachute Play

Young children enjoy rhythmical and musical activities; older people find it enjoyable and challenging by tossing a ball with the play parachute and moving as a team to catch it.

Parachute Games:

Wave:  This is like the wave at a football stadium.  One child starts out by raising his arms up or down in the air and the next child then follows the motion of the child before him.

Running by Numbers:  Run underneath and switch places with the other playmates.  Provide a number of the locations on the parachute, then call out the number.  This parachute game is a pleasure for all ages.

Parachute Tag:  Everyone lifts the parachute over their head.  Call out the child's name and they need to skip, hop, or crawl to the other side.  The challenge is to make it to the other side before the parachute comes down and tags them. 

Bouncing Balls:  Hold the parachute tight at about chest level with 2 or 3 foam balls.  Have 3 or 4 children get underneath the parachute and then they need to try to knock the balls off while the children holding the chute need to try to keep them on.

Get a play parachute and get the health benefits of play parachute games.