Wood Designs™ - Tip-Me-Not Furniture

Tip-Me-Not™ furniture is 300% MORE TIP-RESISTANT than conventional early learning furniture!

Child safety is the NUMBER 1 priority for teachers, parents and Wood Designs™. Our Tip-Me-Not™ furniture is the first unique, safety conscious line of classroom furniture specifically designed for early learning environments.


How It Works:
Tip-Me-Not™ products work because we lowered and transferred the center of gravity towards the back of the products. We also added counter-balancing weights to the bottom of every product. These two factors dramatically increase the stability of every Tip-Me-Not™ piece of furniture, making this line the safest, most tip-resistant furniture you can buy.

WOOD DESIGNS leads the early learning furniture industry with Tip-Me-Not™, providing your children with the safest most secure learning environment you can buy.